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Mazda Rotary Turbo 8.5" Kit


Due to the high HP we have come to expect from the mazda rotary, this set up utilizes the smaller mazda NA 8.5" - 215mm pressure plate. Used for its range of diaphrams and clamp pressures (1700-3300lbs) , lower weight - rotating mass and its also cheaper than the 9.5" - 240mm turbo pressure plate.

The Direct Clutch 8.5 to 9.5 Flywheel allows the fittment of the 8.5" Pressure plate and the use of the turbo sized 125tooth ring gear.

The availability of various splines such as Turbo Mazda , Toyota and others, makes this conversion package a common choice in the rotary circle

This image shows the cushion ceramic set up with turbo mazda spline. This set up we suggest for all street cars or light track duties with upto 500rwhp in 3300lb spec.