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8" Billet Clutch

Calling on over 40 years combined experience allows Direct Clutch to design and make an all australian made performance clutch system. Made here in Brisbane QLD, the Direct Clutch Billet 8" Sytem is made from the highest quality billet materials.

The BILLET 8" RACE CLUTCH GALLERY below IS just a tiny sample of the 1000's of clutch kits we stock. If you can't find the clutch you are looking for - CONTACT US. We have what you need.

Like the 7.25", the 8' system can be customised to suit virtually any application utilizing a custom billet steel or alloy flywheel. The unit can then talored to your exact needs with a huge range of friction material, button compounds, button arrangements, clamp ratings from 1500 - 4000lbs. The 8" system is available in single, twin and triple plate configurations. Supplied as a Clutch and flywheel assembly the Direct Clutch 8" billet system is very cost effective to rebuild.

The Ultimate Racing Series Clutch Kits and Flywheels - Designed and made in Australia

The Direct Clutch 8" Billet Single Plate Clutch & Flywheel is the ultimate in single plate clutch Kits. Designed in house here at Direct Clutch, the 8" Billet Single Plate Series has a virtually unlimited design, 4 5 6 and 8 button arrangement in various brass / carbotic / ceramic and sintered metalic compounds. The Billet 8" single plate system is a fvourite for vehicles seeing substancial engine power up or an unusual conversion when options would otherwise be limited.

The Direct Clutch 8" billet twin plate clutch & flywheel assembly is the most frequently sold of all our billet clutch systems. Available most commonly in Street series, race series and pro series.


The Street Series configeration with its full face disc and low pedal effort making it ideal for high hp (600-1000hp) street cars such as the ever popular BA BF and FG and just as popular the LS powered Commodores . The 8" street series unit has also been used with great success in older cars too.


The Race series clutch & flywheel assembly is proven in many of Australia's toughest applications including numerous import Drag racing records and proven in many other 1000HP applications. With its more aggressive friction plates it is ideal for those 600-1200hp applications that are seeing full race duties and or torturous power skids or high rpm drag race launches. This unit as used by many well know 28x9 import drag racers around the country.


The Pro Series assembly features all the benefits we have come expect from the 8 " billet systems, though with the added feature of sintered iron friction plates. Sintered Iron Plates are typically used in slider or slipper  clutches for all out performance. The sintered iron clutch plates can withstand higher temps & generally speaking the hotter they run the more they grab. Available in various compounds and clamp settings rated to 1500hp